Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cake pops

So ever since these cute little guys have come out I see them everywhere and they are so cute!! So I thought I could use these for my skewer week, so rather than buying sticks if you cut the tips off of your skewers and then cut them in half you have the perfect little bamboo cake pop sticks. Now I must also let you know that baking is not my fortay.....I enjoy cooking a lot more than baking because of the freedom of cooking. Baking requires more precise work and that just isn't me as much. I changed up what is normally used for icing these treats and used royal icing, you can fid a link below for the recipe although I would't say it is necessarily an improvement from the melting chocolate. Play with them and let me know what you think!!!


Loves, SMK

boxed cake mix of your choice
container of frosting
30-40 sticks
royal frosting
chocolate to drizzle, sprinkles and any other decorations

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Once your skewers are cut you will have these lovely little sticks that work wonderfully as pop sticks
Now start by preparing your cake per directions on the package, let the cake fully cool and then start breaking it up into tiny pieces in a large bowl.......

Next you want to add in about 3/4 of your container of frosting into the cake mixture and continue mixing until very well combined.....

Using an ice cream scoop take equal size amounts of batter and roll between your hands to form into round balls of cake.....once you have them spread out you can skewer them with your bamboo sticks. Now throw the whole amount into the freezer for an hour for the cake pops to firm up.

While in the freezer prepare your icing that you want to use to decorate the cake pops, here I made royal icing for these cake balls.

Now comes the fun part.....decorate decorate decorate......whatever you like whatever works for you!!


Royal Icing


  1. A very modern and hip shot of those skewers. I never would have guessed what they were, yet they are intriguing. Nice lighting.

    Thanks for your great BWW shot, Sara!

  2. What a great idea. I'm glad that I stumbled across your blog. Have a great day.