Monday, August 15, 2011

My first Milestone :)

Wow, so I made it through my first week....I have to say that I am having so much fun with this blog. I have always enjoyed cooking and it is so great to see something you create that normally is gone as quick as you create it become immortalized.....I mean once its out there its always out there. So I have been racking my brain.....what to do next, I have just so many things rolling around in my head....the days don't pass fast enough but this week we are feature something so simple and fun;

Bamboo Skewers

Such a simple product, so easily used, so much room for creativity and so affordable. This week is going to be so fun, kabobs, and satay, and fruit, and veggies, and cake, and carnival treats oh my :)

The greatest part is that you don't have to use bamboo there is such a wide variety of reusable options out there today, but I just love the novelty of these skewers.

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